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Polycarbonate or acrylic,PET…)is a an ideal substitute for glass, these kinds of product is high transparent and have lots of advantage like shatterproof,recycled,light weight,low cost…

These elegant reusable shatterproof cups,buckets,bowls,glasses are perfect for poolside, boat, kitchen table, dining room, patio, the park, or anywhere a gathering of friends is happening.

However, due to the fact that such plastic materials are required to be extremely transparent(clear), with great abrasion resistant and impact resistant features, a great deal of effort is needed in the aspects of plastic ingredients, as well as the technology, equipment and molds throughout the entire plastic injection molding process, so as to make sure that these glass substitute materials (hereinafter referred to as transparent plastics) possess an outstanding surface finish, thus meeting the application requirements.

All Star plast is experience in making these kinds of products moulds, these moulds need the material smooth transition, to avoid the occurrence of pointed angles or sharp edges, The mold surface should be glossy with mirror polishing , with a low roughness. Product cooling effect plays an important role in determining product quality, so mold temperature has to be accurately controlled during the molding process. Whenever possible, keep the temperature as high as it can be.

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