Blow Mold

  • Plastic Bottle Mould For Blowing Water Barrel

    Plastic Bottle Mould For Blowing Water Barrel

    Product Description All star plast takes pride in building high quality blow mold tooling for diverse applications. Plastic barrel blow molds are one of our most popular products. Process Details There are three methods in which blow molded plastic products can be produced: extrusion blow molding, injection blow molding, and stretch blow molding. All of these processes consist of just a few main steps, which vary the most in the early stages. Below, in more detail, are the steps of blow moldi...
  • Blowing Mold For Traffic Barricading

    Blowing Mold For Traffic Barricading

    Product Description Blow mold for barricading mold is very simple for us compared with our other automotive and precision molds. When preparing a custom blow molding procedure, manufacturers must decide on a few different things, mainly: the material they will use, the blow molding process they will use and the shape of the mold cavity. The decisions they make depend entirely on the client application specifications and requirements. For example, if the product requires strong compaction resi...
  • Blowing Molds For Plastic Table And Chair

    Blowing Molds For Plastic Table And Chair

    All star plast not only make plastic injection table mold,but also can make plastic blow table mold.

    The blow molding process has many advantages, especially when compared to other methods of plastic manufacturing. First, blow molding is cheaper than injection molding. In part, this is because it requires so few tools. Second, unlike many others, blow molding is suitable for fabricating plastic parts that are hollow. Third, blow molding has a faster cycle time than other processes, such as rotational molding. Another benefit of blow molding is its ability to perform high volume production runs. On top of this, it can be used to mold complex parts.

  • Baby Toy Blowing Molds Maker

    Baby Toy Blowing Molds Maker

    Product Description Any hollow thermoplastic part can be blow molded. Compared with the plastic injection molding ,blow mold has lots of advantage in big size plastic molding. Various plastic materials are used for their respective advantages. Common materials used in our molds include HDPE, PET, Polypropylene, PVC, and Polycarbonate. We milling our molds to finish wherever possible, minimizing polishing for better productivity, accuracy, and consistency. Beryllium copper and hardened tool st...