Two Color Mold

  • Two Color Flip Top Shampoo Cap Mould

    Two Color Flip Top Shampoo Cap Mould

    Product Description All Star Plast is professional in making double components plastic molds, like two color injection cup moulds, two color cloth hanger mould,two color flip top shampoo cap moulds and so on. This two color injection mold with rotational system, we have good experience in these: -  choose the correct injection location of colored product and precision jointing; - Interchangeable construction of core or cavity or inserts to realize different pattern of colored product; - Preci...
  • Two Color/Double Color Plastic Mold

    Two Color/Double Color Plastic Mold

    Product Description Two color molding technology that is being used widely in the preparation of key tops for high end desktop PCs, or the illuminated buttons of car navigation units, etc.Also you can find in daily use product,like two color plastic cup,double color cloth hanger,two color bottle caps, and so on. In general, it appears that very often two plastic resin of the same type such as PS plastic or ABS plastic are used. This is because there is very good adhesion between the two molde...