What’s the information need for mold inquiry?

We need the product pictures with dimension,(or product 2D or 3D drawings),your cavity request (or your injection machine size),mold steel request(or your request of the mold life),runner type of the mold.

What’s the lead time of the mold?

We usually give the customer T1 time which is from the mold drawing confirm to first time mold testing.T1 time depends on the mold construction, which usually is 35-65 days.

what’s the guarantee of the molds?

The guarantee of the mold is one year since you receive the mold in your factory.We provide the whole life technology support and spare parts.

How is the package of the molds?

After clean the mold,we paint the mold with oil to avoid rust, and then  wrapped with plastic film and then pack in plywood case.

which port is near your factory?

Our factory located in Taizhou city,Zhejiang province,the nearest port is Ningbo port.Shanghai port is also not very far.