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Injection molding is one of the most popular processes of shaping plastics to a desired pallet shape and size. It is suitable for large scale production, especially where the same design of plastic pallet should be molded several times.

1. Compared with wooden pallets, plastic pallet mould have a better integrity and much clean and hygienic than wooden pallets. In the course of plastic pallets, it is lightweight, non-Sting, acid, no qualitative change, easy to clean, etc.

2. Compared with steel pallets, in corrosion resistance, moisture resistance and pallet prices these three aspects, plastic pallet mold are better. However, in the average life expectancy and the use of performance those two parts, they are comparable.

3. The most important point is that the material of the plastic pallet mould can be recycled.

Under impact on mold production(the design of complex, expensive), plastic pallets structure and size randomness poor, but producers must continue to develop,

In this case, our company is a good choice. We have a dedicated technical staff to answer your doubts

Mould Name: Pallet Mould
Product Size: 1200x1200x150mm
Product Description: Dual-layer pallet with 4 slides
Mould Cavity: 1 cavity
Mould Size: 1800x1800x1100mm
Injection Machine: Haitian 2300T
Mould Main Material: DIN 1.2311
Mould Injection System: 16 points YUDO hot runner
Mould Ejection System: ejector pin and ejecting block
Mould Cycle Time: 95 Seconds
Mould Running: 1M
Delivery Time: 120 days
Mould Features: complex mould structure, Fine cooling system design,YUDO hot runner ,professional filter system design, suitable for high speed recycled material injection production Stroke switch controls ejection process precisely,Oil and water integrator is combined in this mold

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