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For the plastic precision molds,the parts are small but need high request on the tolerance.We offer a complete range of services from product development and prototypes through high production mold build solutions. Our portfolio is constantly growing and our customers are consistently pleased with their projects. Please feel free to browse our portfolio of completed work and if you have any questions contact us and we will be happy to assist you and get started on your project.


Process of plastic injection molding is very important for All Star and we have a process management system with many years’ molds manufacturing experience.Each mold has it’s own process and before we start the mold project,we will make the mold process schedule and update every week for our customer.

Step 1:Drawing or your sample
The 2D or 3D design of the product,(or customer can take a picture of the sample and indicate the dimension)and the detail information of the plastic part are needed for mold quotation.

Step 2: Design 3D drawing for part
After confirm the plastic mold project,and know the detail request from our customer.the designer from All Star technical department will design the 3D drawing for plastic part. We design what customers want,so the communication with our customer for plastic product design is very important.

Step 3:3D design for plastic mold
As soon as we get the confirmation of part design from our customer,we will start the mold 3D design according to customer’s plastic injection machine specification.We can design mold according to DME or HASCO standard.

Step4:Produce of mold

Mold steel and other mold component will be ordered from our supplier after the mold design is confirmed. Mold manufacturing will be ongoing step by step like rough milling,hole-drilling,quench,EDM,finish milling, assemble, etc.All Stat plast has its own quality control system for every mold-making step.

Step5:Mold trail and adjustment
Mold will be test for the first time after the mold is ready assembled in our HAITIAN injection machines(We usually call it T1).Meantime our technician will do some mold adjustment during mold trial.We will send the samples from mold testing to our customer for check.with mold testing report and testing video.

Step 6: Final treatment and mold trial
We will improve the mold when we get feedback from our customer and test mold again..

Step 7: Shipment
We will pack the mold with mold specification,mold testing video and spare parts in wooden case and then ship to customer.

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