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All Star Plast has built a large number of unscrewing closure molds for high cavitations for a design that is decades old, including molds of up to 48 cavities. Our design is well proven to have excellent cooling while maintaining a good water seal on the rotating cores.

Unscrewing Closure Molds are designed for caps and closures with detailed threads which cannot be ejected using bump-off methods. When these parts are molded they must be unscrewed from the mold to avoid thread damage. All star mold has developed proven designs for unscrewing molds with optimized cooling allowing short cycle times.

We have worked with a range of approaches including rotating stipper rings instead of cores on large mold programs and we have innovative patented approaches to actuate core rotation or to rotate cavities instead of cores. All of these patented alternatives for rotation can be custom tailored within the range of technologies that All star mold offers to a particular application.

· Less complex mold (fewer parts and controls)
· Smaller (better machine compatibility)
· Faster (more productive)
· More durable (less maintenance)

All Star has good experience in making packing plastic molds,like the plastic cap molds,pet preform molds, Plastic Unscrewing Closure Molds,trigger sprayer molds,lotion pump molds,and so on.

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