How To Prevent Plastic Injection Mold Parts Shrinkage

Why we need to discuss this blog “How To Prevent Plastic Injection Mold Parts Shrinkage” today, This year, we have made plenty of plastic enclosed components with ABS, PE, Nylon for our global customers. To better meet customer’s requirements- high quality and lower costs, have compared CNC machining and injection mold process, of course, when our customers have thousands of orders. As usual, we have built injection molding to produce than CNC machining manufacturing. But, sometimes, we have encountered the main problem on the mold processes which is shrinkage, since our CNC machining can make products of wall thickness is more, like 10mm, 20mm, or more.

However, if we will choose the injection mold, the wall thickness is limited, most of them are 2-3mm, or 4mm, 6mm, most of them are based on product feature, if this is too thick, then when we will inject part, then product surface is easy shrinkage. In order to know this information, Creatingway takes this article to share with you these issues, and how to resolve them or avoid the shrinkage issues.

Below Are Some of The Reasons For Plastic Parts Shrinkage Issues
Slowly shot speed

Low shot pressure

Insufficient pressure time

High the raw material temperature

Low the nozzle temperature

Open the molding too early, cooling insufficient

The thickness design of the molding cavity is in conformity


How to Resolve or Avoid The Shrinkage Issues For plastic Injection Mold

Optimize the mold transport water and enhance the cooling effects.

Reasonable reduce the wall thickness

Reduce the plasticizing temperature

Increasing injection pressure speed, meanwhile keep pressure, speed, and extension of pressure time.

Improve backpressure.

Too low mold temperature can also result in shrinkage of products, which can be used to stabilize mold temperature by shortening the molding cycles or adding mold temperature. Creatingway will take more of these articles to work with you on more engineering information and skills.

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Post time: Apr-27-2022